Monday, August 28, 2006

Controlled Labs Black Hole

Controlled Labs Black Hole, 90 CapsulesNow at first I was skeptical that there would ever be a legal, over the counter supplement that could improve your appetite and help you eat more that was safe and actually worked but I have to give CL props on this one because they did it.

Here are the main things I noticed with Black Hole:

1) I was able to eat more at one sitting without feeling stuffed or full. Most of the other users have reported this effect as well and it seems to be the most noticeable of the effects. There were sometimes I felt like I was never going to get full no matter how much I ate. Definitely helpful to get those last few bites down that people struggle with when bulking. Black Hole never really seemed to lose its effectiveness either. I thought it was losing effectiveness there after about 10 days but then took a day off from it and when I took it the next day it worked fine. Also want to note that the effects seemed to last a good three hours most of the time for me.

2) Not only could I eat more at one sitting but I actually got hungry again within 25-30 minutes after eating huge amounts of food. Normally without Black Hole I would eat a meal and be stuffed and have to wait at least 2 hours before even thinking about trying to down another meal. With Black Hole it was no problem.

3) For about the first 10-14 days I got a calm and relaxed feeling after taking the Black Hole. After that I hardly noticed it anymore but it nice while it lasted. After reading the other reviews only a very few experienced this. Plz don't buy Black Hole expecting to get a huge "high" because you will be wasting your money and you will be disappointed. The euphoric feeling you get, if any, is just an added bonus.

4) NO side effects

I definitely give Black Hole the thumbs up. Good job with this one CL.

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