Monday, August 07, 2006

Controlled Labs Green Bulge and Designer Supplements Xceed

Controlled Labs Green Bulge, 150 CapsulesWell, decided to do an analysis on my experiences of both products.

A few months ago I decided to use CL's very own green bulge after hearing so many ecstatic reviews on it. I had a poor diet but still walked away with 5 solid pounds and +10-15 lbs on all my lifts. I was quite pleased. The only downer of this product was taking 5 of the most disgusting tasting pills ever.

I took a break off of creatine for a few months then stumbled back onto the forums in search of a new one. GB was out like last weeks fad and I started hearing great things on XCEED. I decided to try it. I was pleased of the taste compared to the capsules of GB, but was not pleased with the results. I gained 2 lbs, water weight pretty much with very minimal strength gains. Only lift that went up was bench. I feel as if I wasted my 40 something dollars.

More Info: Controlled Labs Green Bulge, 150 Capsules
More Info: Designer Supplements Xceed, 360 Grams, Lemon


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