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Optimum Nutrition 100% Whey VS. Dymatize Elite Whey

Dymatize Elite Whey, 5lbs, Cafe MochaI've been meaning to write this review for a long time seeing all the questions about "which whey is the best?" and most people recommending ON 100% whey!

This is head to head review that is going to concentrate on the typical three main aspects when considering protein powders:


Dymatize has 40mg of an enzyme blend
Optimum Nutrition has 25 mg of enzyme blend

Flavors being reviewed are
ON 100% whey: Rocky road , Chocolate , Chocolate mint
Dymatize Elite: Cafe Mocha, Rich chocolate, Berry blast

ON 100% whey


(In skim milk 6-7 oz)
Rocky Road: Great at first but gets old way too fast [ 7/10]
Chocolate: Not a great chocolate taste but not bad [7.5/10]
Chocolate Mint: A refreshing taste, the mint adds a nice flavor [8/10]

(In water 4-6oz)
Rocky Road: Terrible [3/10]
Chocolate: Better but still bad [4/10]
Chocolate Mint : As bad as chocolate [4/10]

ON 100% has good mixability not clumpy and pretty instantized shake it a few times and you have a good mix [9/10]

Dymatize Elite


(in 6-7 oz of skim milk)

Berry Blast: Weird berry taste not bad at all but wouldn't want to buy 5lbs of it [7/10]
Rich Chocolate: This is pretty good! Better than ON 's chocolate [8.5/10]
Cafe Mocha: This Can't be real! Greatest protein taste ever has a good taste of mocha in it, it just can't taste that GOOD!!! If you are a coffee lover like I am, then this flavor is for YOU! [9.75/10]

(in water 5-6 oz)

I only tried cafe mocha with water and some crushed ice and it is by FAR the best protein taste in water that is actually GOOD!!! Comparing this to ON 100% whey in water I will give it [9/10] absolutely AMAZING.

3. Mixability: Dymatize mixability is not as good as ON 100%, but with a few more shakes it mixes nicely so all it needs is some patience. [8/10]

My choice is definitely going to Dymatize Elite for the following reasons:
- The flavors are much better than ON 100% whey
- It is less expensive -- better bang for your buck
- 40 mg of enzyme blend vs. 25 mg of ON's 100% whey (less protein farts!)
- The taste is not just better it is stronger and not faint like ON 100% (little more sugary taste which I like)
- You can actually like the taste of this whey in water for a nice post workout shake

The only thing better about ON 100% whey in my opinion is the mixability but that does not bother me at all. I'd rather drink something that tastes good than whey that will save me 10 seconds of shaking time.

*Notice: Dymatize does not list the Amino acid break down but it is not going to vary significantly enough between similar blends, so I would definitely not hold this against Dymatize although it would be nice to list them.

I have yet to try butter toffee from Dymatize as I heard great things about it

I hope this was a helpful review to all those that wanting to know how Dymatize Elite compares to ON 100% whey

More Info: Dymatize Elite Whey, 5lbs, Cafe Mocha


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