Tuesday, January 16, 2007

ALRI Lean Dreams

I have to give this product a thumbs up. Sometimes I have problems falling asleep; I just lay in bed but cannot fall asleep. I have tried many other sleep aids with limited success. Some even give me that hangover feeling in the morning. I tried 2 caps of ALRI Lean Dreams before bed last night, and I started to feel it within an hour. I had no problems falling asleep once I got into bed! This is a great product if it continues to work this well. Oh yeah, and the caps… they smell like candy!

Monday, January 08, 2007

CytoSport CytoGainer

Taste: 9/10 - My first tub of CytoGainer was the Chocolate Mint flavor. I loved the taste of it. It tasted like a mint chocolate chip ice cream milkshake when it was mixed with milk. I began to get tired of the taste towards the end of the tub. This time I got Chocolate Malt. Although a little sweet -- it tastes excellent!

Mixability: 4/10 – Mixability was very bad. Seriously, I am getting very annoyed with it. This could be solved by using a blender, but then you have to wait for it to settle because it gets all bubbly. Shaking it does not work well, either.

Overall: 8/10 - All together I like this product. It is a pretty good weight gainer. It helped me maintain my weight after losing weight due to the flu.