Thursday, September 28, 2006

Ergopharm Mass Meal

Here’s a quickie on the Banana Cream flavor of Ergopharm Mass Meal. Ergopharm Mass Meal is a weight gainer that is formulated to maximize lean musce mass growth and minimize body fat gain.

Taste: 10/10 - When I was opening the container, I smelled something similar to banana nut bread. I love banana nut bread and banana nut muffins! I used my finger to get a sample taste and it tasted pretty good. I think that Mass Meal tasted a lot better than Muscle Milk, and Muscle Milk is some pretty good stuff. It’s not as sweet as Muscle Milk though. Needless to say, I’ll be adding it to my favorites list.

Mixability: 9.5/10 - I used a spoon to stir it up, and it didn’t too long. Maybe 15-20 seconds… with a spoon!

Cost: 8/10 – Around $25 for 2.6lbs. It’s priced just about the same as Muscle Milk. You’re paying for quality and taste, which in my opinion is worth it.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Dymatize Elite Whey - Green Apple

Just a heads up on the taste. First off, Dymatize Elite Whey is a pretty good quality protein at a good value ($25 for 5lbs.). Cross green apple off your list of flavors to try. It sucks. It doesn’t even really taste like green apple. It’s very sweet, but that’s it. I thought that I was drinking sweetened unflavored whey. Their other flavors are very strong, so I thought that green apple would be the same. I was highly disappointed. Don’t get me wrong though, Dymatize Elite Whey is good stuff. If you haven’t tried the café mocha flavor yet, you need to.

Monday, September 18, 2006

NO-Xplode Lemon Lime

BSN NO-Xplode, 1.81 Lbs.I've always been a fan of NO-Xplode. I'll get a NO-Xplode review up here shortly. I just tried the Lemon Lime flavor though, and I had to post a comment on it. The Lemon Lime flavor is terrible compared to Orange and Fruit Punch. I wouldn't recommend it. I've also heard that the new Blue Raspberry is pretty nasty, but I cannot comment on it.

More Info: BSN NO-Xplode, 1.81 Lbs.

Muscle Milk Reviews

Here's what looks like a new supplement blog. If you're looking for any reviews on Cytosport Muscle Milk, you can check out this Blog:

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Syntrax Nectar Naturals Whey Protein

Syntrax Nectar Naturals, 2.13 Lbs.Syntrax makes some of the greatest tasting whey protein available today. Their protein is a little expensive but well worth it. This review is about the Nectar Naturals whey protein product line from Syntrax. This stuff is 100% natural and offers some of the highest quality whey protein isolate ever developed.

I contacted a Syntrax rep on the forums, username si03, and told him that I wanted to try the Nectars Naturals, but didn't want to spend $30 per flavor to do so. He was kind enough to send me 2 servings of each to try out. I was leery of fruit flavored proteins since the Optimum Natural Strawberry was so bad. I am glad that I got these samples though! Nectar is some amazing stuff.

Sucralose is one of the most common artificial sweeteners that vendors use, and though it tastes okay, I have yet to see any long term studies on its health impacts. As such, I wanted to try a 100% natural protein. Syntrax got my attention, because the reviews of the other Nectar products have been so good, because they are the only natural WPI with low cholesterol per serving, and because it contains no carbs.

Nectar Naturals have no artificial ingredients and are sweetened with Stevia. Furthermore, they are a very high quality WPI (from reading the label of the jug it looks to be a cold filtered protein) that's not denatured. The amino, vitamin, and mineral profile is also excellent.

Tealicious was good, but I didn’t like it nearly as much as Natural Peach. My bias is that I am a big time tea drinker and insist on fresh brewed tea. I don’t like bottled teas or instant teas. Tealicious, while great for a premade tea, simply wasn't my bag. I gave the second sample to my brother and he loved it. If you like bottled tea or instant tea, then you will definitely like Tealicious.

Natural Peach is some awesome stuff! It's not like drinking a protein shake, but rather like sipping on a sweet and sour peach flavored candy. I don't feel like it's good for me because it's so easy to sip down, but it is! It mixes easily and still tastes great in water. I like it so much that I bought 5 jugs of it. Obviously, I recommend the Natural Peach flavor to everyone.

In both cases, the powder is very strongly flavored and you might need to add a little more water to it than with other powders. 10 oz. per scoop works well for me. 8 oz. seemed too strong, and 12 oz. was too weak.

This is a pretty unique product and one that is well worth the cost if you want something 100% natural that tastes great with:

Nutrition Facts: Cals: 90, Fat: 0, Cholesteral: <5g, Carbs: 0, Protein: 23g
Ingredients: whey protein isolate, citric acid, natural flavors, stevia leaf extract, lo han fruit extract, lecithin, lycopene

More Info: Syntrax Nectar Naturals, 2.13 Lbs.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

VPX NO Shotgun

VPX NO Shotgun, 810 GramsMixability: 6/10 - When I opened the container of NO Shotgun, it appeared to be a very fine powder that would mix really easily. Nope! It didn't clump too much, but it still clumped. It was difficult to get completely dissolved. My solution was to leave it in the freezer for about 10 minutes. It works. Trust me, you want this to dissolve, so you can chug it down quickly. Shotgun the NO Shotgun!

Taste: 6/10 - It doesn't taste very good. It's not R4W (Ready 4 War) bad, but it's bad in comparison to the candy like substances that pass themselves off as supplements today. My advice -- mix it in a little water as possible and shoot it down. Follow with a 16 oz. glass of water. Mixing it with orange juice or any other acidic beverage will probably mask the taste also.

Effectiveness: 9/10 - This is where NO shotgun shines! You can feel it about 15 minutes after taking it. The container says take it 40 minutes before workout, but I feel it the most after 30 minutes. You'll be able to figure out the best time to take it once you take it for the first time. I take it 15 minutes before I go to the gym. Then hit the treadmill for 15 minutes, and I am amped up and ready to go. In my opinion, NO shotgun is better utilized for higher reps, rather than lower reps. The first time that I tried it I was training heavy with 4-6 reps, and while NO Shotgun definitely helped my workout, I really noticed its effects when I trained with higher reps. For the last two days, I trained in the higher rep range, and my pumps were so full that I had to stretch out a couple of times, because I could barely move my arms. Also, NO Shotgun really helps you get mentally focused in the gym and seems to improve endurance. My workouts flew by and I just felt like I was killing the weights.

I am very happy with NO SHOTGUN, and I feel that it is well worth the money. My workouts have improved while taking it. What more can you ask for in a supplement? Personally, I am not really concerned about pumps, but if someone is looking for a product to give them pumps this is the best product I have used bar none. I really enjoy NO Shotgun.

More Info: VPX NO Shotgun, 810 Grams

Saturday, September 02, 2006

Addicted to stimulants

I think that I am addicted to Stimulant X. 2:45AM. Went to bed at 5AM this morning. Got up at 9:30AM. Sometimes I wish it didn't last so long. That was the nice thing about Amp by Ergopharm; you get a beautiful spike of energy for a few hours. This stuff doesn't quit. My girlfriend is getting pissed off too (see StimX Update)! I was addicted to Amp before. Now I'm addicted to Stimulant X. Two best energy supplements ever! I should stack them. I don't have any Amp left though. They better stay on the market. FDA = bad. Don't forget to use up those coupons.